Which leads are best for you? It depends upon your team’s capacity. Some dealerships are best suited to work a smaller quantity of better qualified leads. Others are equipped for a larger quantity of less qualified leads. Evaluate your capacity and measure the results to determine where you earn the highest ROI.

Better Qualified Leads

Pre-approved mail

The most effective method to filter credit quality is going directly to the source. Our pre-approval mail program directly accesses the credit bureaus and extends actual offers of credit to the best qualified subprime prospects. Our proprietary filters and list management techniques insure consistent results. You can depend on this program month-after-month as some of our partnered dealerships have for the past six years!

Discharged/Open Bankruptcy mail

While the market size is smaller, the most responsive segment of the subprime market is with individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. Their individual need for credit is great and many lenders prefer customers who have filed or recently been discharged from bankruptcy. Whether you are looking for Open or Discharged, Chapter 7 or 13 filers, we can help you reach these prospects with a message that demands a response.

Who We Target

Working with you, we identify your deliverable geography by zip code. We generate a Market Analysis that defines your opportunity within the credit and bankruptcy segments of the market. Our marketing targets prospects that fit the geographic and credit criteria you select.

What We Send

Personalized first-class letters are mailed to prospects. Our process offers your prospects the credit they need with the convenience and confidentiality of calling a
toll-free number from their own home.

1) Our mail piece does not mention your dealership by name.
  • You sell across franchise lines. Customers are engaged in a credit
       (not a product) decision
  • You increase response with the image and influence of a national program
  • You protect the reputation of your dealership.

2) Traffic is driven to a unique toll-free 800 number assigned to
     your dealership.
  • You make it easier for customers to do business with you and increase
       response rate.
  • You consistently capture the initial customer interview needed to secure
       an approval.
  • You extend your dealership hours 24/7/365 to meet customer needs.
  • You insure customers are directed to staff trained to handle subprime.

3) A real offer, not a premium or gift package, urgently drives
    customer response.
  • The offer - “Call today and within 24 hours you could be driving your
       new vehicle.”
  • You engage customers who are serious about getting credit and a vehicle.
  • You eliminate the hassle of handing out premiums to “gift getters.”

4) A sale date is not mentioned anywhere on the mail piece.
  • You generate lead flow during the week when you tend to be slow.
  • You create manageable lead flow (unlike an event) that your staff can
       efficiently handle.
  • You extend the value and “shelf life” of your marketing by not having
       an expiration date.

5) Preferred Customer Numbers track and improve results
  • You create an accountable system that allows you to identify the customer,
       credit criteria and mail date of each mail piece
  • You constantly improve your results with our tracking and
       statistical modeling

What You Get

You get a phenomenal initial customer interview. Our logic-based scripting engine asks questions like a well-trained subprime staff. For example, if your prospect is paid an hourly wage, operators ask different questions than if they are paid a salary. Once the conversation with our operator is complete, you instantly receive the prospect’s information in Pipeline, our web-based lead management tool.

FREE Market Analysis

To receive a free Subprime Market Analysis and to learn how AutoLending Network™ will take your subprime sales to the next level, click here.

A Higher Quantity of Leads

Many customers have moved their search for credit to the internet. If your dealership is equipped to handle a larger quantity of leads, we can deliver prospects to you who are ready to buy a vehicle now!

Our exclusive auto-finance internet leads are generated from branded websites found by major search engines and our selected partners. You get auto finance leads from prospects ready to buy.

  • Your leads are exclusive – a single lead goes to a single dealership
  • You determine your daily, weekly and monthly lead flow
  • You can turn off leads on given days if desired
  • You set your minimum income threshold
  • You will not receive duplicate leads (Guaranteed)
  • No sign-up fees or long term commitments