Training ยป 3 roles that create subprime success

3 Roles That Create Subprime Success

Role of Financial Specialist...

  • Set & sell appointments... only!
  • Call/follow-up with urgency and persistence
  • Invite everyone in - don't pre-qualify or cherry pick
  • Follow scripts and defer questions to credit manager

Role of Credit Manager...

  • Confirm appointments from a position of
         higher authority
  • Conduct customer credit interview
  • Manage customer expectations
  • Evaluate credit
  • Choose appropriate lenders
  • Structure deals and rehash approvals
  • "Land the car" on the customer
  • Paper the deal

Role of Product Specialist...

  • Defined delivery area
  • Present customer full presentations & demos on
         selected vehicles
  • Has maturity to control the sales process
  • Understands role in the special finance process